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Friday, March 4, 2011

Gabe: Excitement already starting

With the anxiety of the time period of the pregnancy we have all been a little on edge this past week looking for signs that pre-e maybe popping up.  Michele had complained of some discomfort in her side around her rib area.  The discomfort would move from side to side and not really settle down all week.  We couldn't remember exactly how she felt when she first starting getting sick last time, so she was worried.  Thursday after school she told me that the pain was more localized to her right side, and to ease her mind we decided to call UK.  Within 15 minutes the nurse called back and Michele informed her of the symptoms, and with checking with the dr. and her history thought it was best to go to the local hospital to get some blood work or come down to Lexington.  GEESSHHH.....everything couldn't be happening all over again could it????
So we call our ever so trusty aunt Brenda who works on the women's health floor and she assured us she would be waiting and have everyone ready to help check Michele out.  We walk in to the same place that we faced that dreadful night that she was so sick, bringing back all sorts of memories.  To further add to it I even had on the same shirt that I did the night she got sick, lol.  We walk in and see the same doctor and some of the same nurses...all remembering Michele from the last time.
She is immediately hooked on the fetal monitor, blood pressure cuff, and blood taken.  After just a few moments the reading are printing out and in walks the dr. and nurse.  "Well we're going to have to get those stopped, you're having contractions", the dr. said.  I think I about fell out of the floor and the look on Michele's face was so heartbreaking.  We couldn't believe it!  So with that in mind they gave her a med called brethine to stop the contractions.  The meds really worked fast to stop the contractions with the side effects of pulse increasing and made her a little jittery.
After that was under control blood work and urinalysis came back very good.  No signs of pre-e or HELLP starting.....what a relief that was to hear.  If she was going to have some problems this was a much better alternative to have because they can give meds to control this where as they can't do anything to stop the other.
After about a 3 hour hospital stay we were sent home with meds to take to help control any future contractions forming.  So far, so good.  We go on Monday to her regular OB appointment and will hopefully know more of a long term plan.  So today we focused on REST!!!  We can handle this!  We know that lots of prayers are going up for us and we know that we will be taken care of.  We can face anything with God in control!

Michele and Gabe being monitored
Gabe isn't even here yet and he's already keeping us on our toes!  We are looking so forward to meeting him....but he needs to wait a little while longer.

Continued prayers for health, patience, and peace of mind!


  1. Glad things are looking better! As you said, everyone is concerned and praying. We all just have to be patient and let God have His way!!

    Suggestion for middle name! Ethan - biblical and initials same as Gunner. I finally got this Blog thing figured out with Justin's help. Take care, and yell if you need us! Love ya Sharon

  2. Michele & Ronn...I have thought about you so much! It was so good to talk to you today and know that you are feeling okay! I will make sure that prayers are sent up for Gabe and both of you! Call me or text me Monday and let me know how everything goes!