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Monday, March 7, 2011

Update: 26 weeks

Today marks yet another milestone, 26 weeks.  26 weeks was something that the doctors had hoped to hold Michele off to with Gunner.  We weren't just hoping to reach this goal, but we expect to far surpass it.

We made our trip to UK to get a little update from the dr.   She came in smiling saying, "I hear that you had a little fun last week."   I wouldn't call it fun, but it was definitely some excitement.  She wasn't overly concerned with the contractions, but was glad that we went in when we did due to past history.  The usual bp and urine checks were good today.  She also took Michele off the meds for the contractions and wants us to return in a week to see how she does without the meds.  She also scheduled us for a growth check ultrasound for the next time.  This was a little bit of a surprise since we weren't supposed to have it to 30 weeks.  This will just get us a chance to sneak a peak at our little guy, which definitely is a good thing.  We're so curious as to how big he is and how he has changed in the last couple of months.  The doctor also performed another procedure that I'm not sure what the name was, but it was to help detect the chance that pre-term labor would occur in the next two weeks.  No phone call afterwards=good news!!

After the appointment we ventured our way to 4 different stores in search of the nursery furniture.  The clock is ticking that we need to get started putting the nursery together so we aren't so rushed for time.  We found plenty that we like, but the SO EXPENSIVE.  We have put ourself on a deadline of next week for a final decision.
Michele searching for the perfect crib

It's been a long day!  Well Worth It.

Thanks to all for the many prayers.  Please continue to pray for strength, guidance, and health!


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