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Sunday, February 27, 2011


We've now reached a milestone that we had often thought of...25 weeks.  25 weeks was the point that Michele had to deliver Gunner.  With so little known about HELLP syndrome, the doctors weren't sure if it would show it's ugly head earlier, same point, later, or not at all.  With putting our faith in the Lord we have made it this far with about as much anxiety as expected, but have a sense of peace that surrounds us.  Whatever we face in the upcoming weeks/months ahead we can handle it.  When looking at Gunner's pictures it's really hard to believe that a baby that size, probably bigger is inside Michele.  We have 3 more weeks to go to we reach the doctor's "safe zone".  She's advised us that at 28 weeks she would feel much more comfortable delivering if necessary, but we aren't looking to much in to that...we're going further.  We going into each day with hope and confidence that we will bring this little boy home.  As far as Michele's health is concerned we do our unofficial checks at home daily:  bp check, swelling check, overall feeling.  Those checks help guide us and get us through while we wait for the next 2 weeks to pass by for the official check.
I hadn't had a chance to post since the last dr. visit so here's a little run down.  Her blood pressure was very good, no protein, heartbeat was strong, and her gestational diabetes check was normal.  Also, the most important thing was the doctor said that she looked very good and that she just had "a good feelin'" about everything.  I know that's not very scientific, but it was nice to hear.
Another first that we had while we were gone to Lexington was we actually looked at baby stuff.  Last time we picked a crib out, but never really looked at much else other than online.  It was nice to actually go another step forward with anticipation of getting our house baby ready!  The only problem that we are having is we aren't picky enough when trying to decide on things.  All of it sounds nice and we would be happy with anything.  As Michele said when looking at cribs, "it doesn't really matter, I just want a baby in it."  Nevertheless we were able to begin picking out things and have set a date and place for the baby shower.  We are going to have the shower April 2 at school.  Also, some lovely co-workers are going to have a shower from the faculty for us a little later.  We are constantly reminded of the love and prayers that surround us.  I thank the Lord that he surrounds us with such caring family and friends.
One more note:
We have decided on the name Gabriel, calling him Gabe.  Not really sure about a middle name yet, but it'll come in time.
I'll try to give updates a little more frequently, but as I have told some "no news is good news".  As we face another week ahead I am looking forward to the great things in store for us.

Continued prayers for health, strength and guidance!

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